About Me

Well, Hello There Friend!

I’m so happy you stopped by to see me!  I’m an energetic photographer who specializes in capturing memories for families, high school seniors, bridal couples, social media brands, and dancers.  I'm also passionate about teaching photography workshops and social media classes to new photographers, small business owners, and pro togs!  So if you'd like a little more knowledge about that big girl camera, be sure to click the "workshops" tab at the top!

As a wife, mom, and art teacher, I understand that photography is so much more than just taking pictures.  Photographs capture moments in time, milestones, and memories.  Your professional photographs should be works of art that capture the essence of your family... smiles, pouts, tu-tus, capes, and all!

If you have never hired a professional photographer, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try a customized photo session.  I’ll make the whole experience so much less stressful than you ever dreamed – in fact, my goal is to have you walk away thinking “that was so much fun!”  Together, we’ll capture the little moments that make life so big!  Thanks for joining me on the journey, I’m so blessed you’re here!


Little Moments.  Beautiful Memories.  Photos Forever.